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Cooperative Financial Services

"It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re totalitarian institutions - you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. There’s about as much freedom as under Stalinism."

- Noam Chomsky

Blue Smoke

Who is RBI?

Regenerative Business Institute (RBI) is a cooperative development firm bringing levity to business, finance, economic development, and the structures we create to develop and support the needs and wants we manifest. RBI embodies the notion that actions speak louder than words and is thus, cooperatively structured. We feel that it is important to teach members to hold their cooperatives accountable and we provide tools, resources, and training that advance that process.


RBI is structured as an institution because we recognize that there are many questions that remain to be answered, along with questions we don’t yet know to ask about how to properly structure economic systems that are not exploitative, demoralizing, toxic, etc., etc., etc., yet still foster the diversity that is life.


We approach the work we do with levity, love, humility, and compassion for everyone’s journey. RBI is capable, competent, reflective, and deliberate in its decisions and actions.


RBI is rebellious to the capitalist system that dominates the planet’s economic and political structures. We believe authority, at every level, is to be challenged to justify its existence and that the means of production should be cooperatively owned and controlled. We do not support taxation that is used to develop military industries or any system that is used for population manipulation and control.


"If the conventional model is what's considered professional, then RBI chooses an unprofessional approach to business and economic development.

Let's be adventurous and explore new frontiers in meeting our needs and wants together...cooperatively."
- Kevin Fort                      Executive Director/CFO 

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