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Equity Management



Cooperatives are founded under the promise of creating wealth for their membership meaning that a critical factor determining the success of cooperatives is equity strategy and execution. RBI uses advanced capitalization table technology and data analytics to guide cooperatives in creating meaningful long and short-term wealth for their membership.   

Outsourced CFO


Business Development

Some decisions and initiatives require a great deal of financial and data acumen to accurately forecast the implications of operational choices. Outsourcing your cooperative's financial and data analysis functions on an as needed or continual basis can be a significant cost savings over an in-house finance team. As an outsourced CFO, we will streamline your cooperative's entire financial operation.

Capital Asset Management



Capital Assets, including inventory, require specialized attention to ensure that these assets do not turn into liabilities. From capital asset acquisition strategies to accounting for depreciation, tax planning, liquidation, disposal, or relinquishment we will help you ensure that your cooperative's assets are creating value for your membership.



Data Analytics

Expanding market share, entering new markets, or determining the feasibility of an initiative can be fraught with complex questions, uncertainties, and moving parts. Research conducted and provided by RBI will illuminate opportunities and potential pit falls while also providing the necessary background for decision-support from your cooperative's board of directors to the membership.



Administrative Functions

Professional accounting, data analysis, and administrative support, on a contracted or consultative basis, to assist with all operational accounting, finance, data analytics, and administrative functions for cooperatives. Experience the difference that comes from a partner that understands operational accounting and proper decision-support analytics.

Capitalization Strategies

Cooperative capital raising efforts must remain legal, properly accounted for, efficient, and effective in achieving the operational, investment, and wealth generation strategies expected by your membership. From planning and strategy design, to developing the proposal presentation and prospectus, RBI will guide you through the process of raising the capital needed to bring your cooperative’s initiatives to fruition.

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