Cooperative Development

With many years of experience, RBI has developed a number of cooperative projects and understands how to take your project from concept through to grand opening and beyond. Once a project is underway, our clients regularly look to us to develop equity management strategies, develop the leadership that will guide the cooperative, and serve as an independent Chief Financial Officer (CFO) analyzing the financial and operational efficiency of the cooperative.

Economic Development

RBI has more than a decade of experience working with city planners and economic development professionals who are looking to build resilience into their local economy. RBI will show you how we can work together to develop a local economy with incredible regenerative capacity.

Leadership Development

Leading a cooperative requires specialized skills. Cooperative leaders must understand that they have fiduciary responsibility to the voting membership of the cooperative. RBI’s Leadership Development Program prepares cooperative leaders and boards of directors to meet the challenges they will face in their roles. From our experience, the success of any cooperative is highly dependent upon the competence of the board of directors and the leadership team.

Financial/Operational Efficiency

Failure to declare and distribute dividends is one of the leading causes of membership dissent, conflict, and resignation, which inevitably ends in the failure of the cooperative. RBI uses industry composites to proactively monitor our member’s cooperatives. In doing so, our members come to see us as part of their team, ensuring that the cooperative is in the best possible position to deliver on its promises.


RBI is a cooperative that works with cooperatives and we've been doing so for many years. We understand the nuances of equity management and creating wealth for your membership. After all, as a member of RBI's cooperative, we are also responsible for creating short-term and long-term wealth for your cooperative.


Common Questions

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This is a highly subjective question. During our “Discovery” phase, we will explore the resources needed to execute on your project and provide a rough timeline for project completion.

RBI will assess your project and review financing options that may be available. 

One of the benefits to membership in RBI is not only the operational, financial, and leadership expertise but also the ability to access capital from the co-op. 

By using RBI’s services as a member, you are gaining access to capital that has a lower cost and pays your cooperative dividends when RBI’s board declares them.

We practice what we preach! There is room for employee and client ownership even in the business and economic development industry.

We encourage membership with our clients and look to build long-term relationships that contribute to the cooperative economy.

Let's Enhance The Cooperative Economy Together

In order for co-ops to be taken seriously, they have to fulfill the one promise members are counting on. The creation of short-term wealth (patronage dividends) and long-term wealth (equity). How can RBI help your co-op best position to deliver on these promises?